Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Thinking time - planning for the year

I’ve just spent a couple of ours reflecting and thinking about my coming year and thought I’d briefly share the process and the results.  It might assist others currently doing the same.

I’m in the incredibly lucky position to not need (or want!) paid employment.  That carries the risk that activity expands to fill the time available with a tendency towards chores and maintenance. 
I want to ensure I live a productive, satisfying and happy life.  I’ve separated the last two as I’m not sure I can live in a permanent state of happiness (though it’s important to try and be happy often!) but I can aim for long term satisfaction.

My life breaks into five broad and often interlinked themes. 
·         Stuff I need to do to live – chores  cleaning, shopping etc.
·         Stuff that constitutes my routine daily/weekly life – fitness, admin, practicing skills etc
·         Stuff that gives me satisfaction and a reason to get up (what used to be work) - longer term projects, house and home changes, volunteering, planning and preparing for trips etc.
·         Short term weekly bursts of fun that make me happy– trips and meals out, visiting friends, cinema etc.
·         Bigger fun - multi day trips, holidays, adventures etc.

Having established those themes I’ve grouped activities that I do, or have planned etc. around them.  I’ve highlighted where things overlap, compliment and link.

I now have a picture that will help me plan my week to assist in getting a balance between the necessary, the routine, the satisfying and the fun.  It summarises what I’ve already got planned or need to sort out which gives things to look forward to and will allow celebration when complete.  It will also ensure I strike a balance between doing stuff and getting stuff done which I can review and adjust as necessary at least once a month.

When I finished this I reflected on how the size of the activities varied and how they may be added to or ticked off as the year goes by.  I also found it interesting how writing, blogging and photography seemed to form a core link.  As I don’t do enough of these things at present.  I’m interested to see how they develop over the year.